Kinetic Recruiting

I believe that good food starts with fresh natural ingredients sourced from local suppliers, and with a little skill and canny, is actually more affordable than the heavily processed and manufactured foods that invariably have a heavy reliance on salt, sugar and fats to flavour them, and preservatives to make them last longer on the supermarket shelf.

Freshly prepared food most certainly tastes better!

The goal of my cookery class is to teach you how to do this. Each lesson plan starts with looking at how to purchase fresh ingredients for best value, storage, preparation, cooking, portioning, freezing or fridge storage for following days, and how to maximise and mix up left overs so that you can enjoy a great variety of interesting meals with minimal fuss throughout the week.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I remember getting my first cookbook as a present when I was about 5 years old, “Look! I can Cook” by Angela Burdick, and standing on a stool at the stove stirring scrambled egg, and thinking I was very grown up!