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MVHR Systems and Passivhaus solutions for your home

If you have built, or are in the process of building  passivhaus home, or renovating your older home to be more energy efficient, you may already know quite a bit about what an MHVR system is. If you have arrived here simply looking for some advice on which system might best suit your needs and a quote for supply and installation, well…

Or maybe you have heard of MVHR systems, but you would like to learn more about what they do, in simple layman’s terms, before deciding which solution might best suit your requirements… That’s great, we have more than 15 years experience in the design and installation of MVRH systems and we’ve been building and supplying timber frame passivhaus homes for ‘self builders’ for much longer still, so we have a great deal of knowledge and first hand experience. You’ve certainly come to the right place!

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