cooking confidence

Come and learn the skills you need to create great tasting, healthy food.

If you find yourself living on unhealthy take-away meals and ready made fast food, or you  just don’t feel confident in the kitchen, or maybe want to reduce the amount of money you spend on food without compromising on quality, this is for you!

Group Classes

Friendly classes where you will follow a week by week skills development plan, from the very basic preparations to building repertoire of delicious weekday meals using simple obtainable ingredients.

1-2-1 Coaching

Some people can feel especially self conscious about cooking and might feel that the added stress of group classes is a step too far. If you would rather start with one-2-one coaching to boost your basic kitchen confidence, we're here.

Baking for Therapy

Baking can be immensely beneficial to those with physical or mental health issues. I believe it's truly impossible to be stressed while kneading dough, and its great for strengthening weakened hands and arthritis issues too.